Wo liegt Tiflis?

Tbilisi is the largest city in Georgia and also the capital of the country in the Caucasus. The city worth seeing is surrounded by mountains on three sides and lies on the Kura River. Warm springs spring from the surrounding mountains, which is why the location has always been particularly attractive. The springs have been used in spas for centuries. In the course of time, the city went through an eventful history: Time and again Tbilisi served as the capital of Georgia. However, the capital was also part of the Ottoman Empire and the Soviet Union. Tbilisi was shaped by various cultural influences that can still be felt today. With one million inhabitants, Tbilisi is by far the largest city in the country and at the same time Georgia’s cultural and economic melting pot.

Tiflis, Tbilissi oder Tbilisi?

If you have already found out about Tbilisi, you are probably asking yourself the question: is it called Tbilisi, Tbilisi or Tbilisi? Different terms are often used, which can be quite confusing. The world official name of the capital of Georgia was Tbilisi. In 1936, however, the Soviet government decided to adapt many city names to local forms of names. From Georgia itself and From then on, the capital was only called “Tbilisi” by the member states of the Soviet Union. In English articles, however, the term “Tbilisi” is often used and in Germany the term Tiflis has prevailed. But don’t worry – all designations are correct and will be understood by the other party.